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American Food - Great American Breakfast Food

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American Food - Great American Breakfast Food
American Food- Great American Breakfasts
By [ Grainger

Americans don't have a reputation for being big eaters for nothing. That said, their reputation for being an obese nation is very unfair. They do love their food though, especially the meal that is breakfast.

In America you can get such a diverse range of breakfasts that you are left spoilt for choice. From cereals to cooked breakfasts to the likes of Pop Tarts and pancakes, there really is something for everyone.

Here we'll have a look at some of the most popular and tastiest breakfast meals the US has to offer.

Let's start with Pop Tarts. If you don't already know, Pop Tarts are toaster pastries in a wide range of flavours. All you do is pop them in the toaster for a couple of minutes and you have a hot, sweet, tasty breakfast.

Pop Tarts in America come in 30 - yes 30! Different flavours, both frosted and unfrosted. These include, as you might expect, apple, blueberry and strawberry and some you might not expect like chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies

If that doesn't sound like your sort of thing, consider pancakes instead. There are a variety of pancake mixes available that make preparing your breakfast quicker and easier and it then becomes a matter of toppings. You could use fruit like strawberries and blueberries, maple syrup is a very popular addition, as is crispy bacon and castor sugar.

If you're more of a toast person in the morning, then jam is a good choice, or jelly as the Americans refer to it. Smuckers is a very popular brand and comes in a variety of flavours including blueberry and grape. For a real American flavour Smuckers Goober Grape and Goober Strawberry are normal jellies but with peanut butter added into the mix, providing a real boost to energy levels in the morning!

Various cereals are another great option. Most people will have heard of Lucky Charms, it being the most popular cereal in the States but branch out a little and try Kellogg's Froot Loops, Cocoa Pebbles, Reeses Puffs or Trix Fruitalicious. There are many, many more.

Of course, Americans are as partial to a cooked breakfast as the British are. Only in America they do it slightly differently. Yes, bacon and eggs is a common one, but some like to have steak and eggs for breakfast, often with grits, hash browns, home fries or fried potatoes.

Grits are most popular in the south of the country, as is fried chicken and 'biscuits' with white gravy!

In the winter months, just like in the UK, oatmeal becomes very popular and the Americans have put their own spin on that too. You can get normal oatmeal and flavour anyway you like, of course, but to save time there is also peaches and cream, maple and brown sugar and a host of other flavoured instant oatmeal treats to try out.

Whatever your breakfast tastes, America has something to offer you. For the author, pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and a little castor sugar is a personal favourite, though in if in a rush Pop Tarts are a secondary choice.

The trick is - experiment, see what fits in with your schedule and personal tastes. There WILL be something for you!

Ian Grainger is writing on behalf of American Soda ( ), suppliers of various American breakfast options to the UK, including Pop Tarts, Smuckers and Kellogg's Froot Loops.

Article Source: [] American food - Great American Breakfasts food

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American Food - Great American Breakfast Food

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